The Board of Directors has passed a motion to amend our bylaws.  For the next step, and to have complete transparency, I am sending this out to the membership for comment. Please make those comments to me at Feel free to copy any other member of the Board. This change requires a ratification by the members, and the Board wishes to it on our upcoming ballot, so we have a very tight deadline of Sep. 30 at which point, the ballots will be prepared.

It is proposed:

Amend Article V, Section 1B to change the word Three to Five

Amend Article V, Section 3A to change the second sentence to read: Three directors will be elected in odd number of years and two directors will be elected in even numbered years. A drawing will be held between any two or more new directors to determine which new directors will be odd or even year office holders. The winner will elect.

Amend Article V, Section 3B to add a new, second sentence: In the event the Past President becomes unwilling or unable to serve, the Board of Directors may, by majority vote, fill the position with any former officer.

What this means, we are increasing the Board members by 2 directors.

We, as a Board, feel this is the best way to gain the help that is needed to continue the growth of the O Scale Central and the new program of the Central, being “O Scale Central”.
Another amendment will be coming inn the next few days to allow voting by electronic ways. This is viewed a major cost saving device and will cut hours and hours of work from our Secretary.

And speaking of $$$$$$$$$ … A reminder, DUES are due Jan. 1st … But, you can pay now … Please do.

With the cancelling of most, if not all trains shows, our recruitment of new members has fallen off.  We are far from broke, and the Board is very careful on how we spend your money.

Help keep us in the black by:

  1. Paying your DUES now. (Click here to pay on-line)
  2. Make a donation, to the Central and/or our Venture Capital fund (used as seed money for upfront costs of National Conventions).
  3. C: Recruit new dues paying members

Thanks, Bruce

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