Traditionally our dues have been $10 per year. This low payment does not generate enough money for us to adequately promote O Scale 2-Rail. Therefore, starting 1/1/2020 our dues will be $24 per year.

As you know, running an organization and keeping and sustaining the activity of our organization does require a lot of time, effort and money to sustain it. Any amounts of money you donate over and above you minimum suggested donation is very appreciated. It will be left up to you to choose the amounts you would like to donate.

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Individual Membership Sustaining and Business MembershipAdditional Donation Options

Individual Membership ($24.00)
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Sustaining and Business Membership ($35.00)  [wp_cart_button name="Sustaining and Business Membership" price="35.00"]Optional Donation
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If you change the Quantity to pay for more then one year or a larger donation you must press enter after changing Amount. Check the the new amount under price.