Richard Donaway

Someone asked me to write a short bio in 20 pages or less. I'm originally from North Platte, NE but I am a Milwaukee fan and not a UP groupie. I started my love for trains with a layout when I was six with a dad assisted HO layout. except for time in the Army and college, I have always had a layout. In the 80s my interest included train photography, I have around 10,000 slides and photos. I took the big step to O Scale in the mid 90s with the Atlas SW8 and some cars. I never looked back. Since then my collection has expanded a bit after attending several national shows.

Then I really goofed. I got two phone calls. One from John Wubbel asking if I wanted to be on the exec committee for the O Scale Convention this summer and then Bruce Blackburn called to see if I would like to join the O Scale Central as a board member. Silly boy, I said yes. The rest is history.