Algis Oslapas

I live in northwest Jackson County, Michigan and was raised in New York City. My love of trains started at an early age watching the elevated and subway lines of New York as well as Sunnyside Yard and the Long Island RR facility in Morris Park. I lost my first tooth in a New York Central coach on the way to Cleveland.

Modelling started with a Lionel 027 set and expanded to fill an 8 x 8 table with track, trains and scenery. A move at 12 years old put an end to that and a lifelong interest in cars took over. The Weaver RS3 caught my attention when it came out and sparked an interest in O scale 2 rail. The first layout was a shelf running around a room and through a closet. The previous layout was disassembled for a recent move. Plans are to rebuild soon.

My railroad interest runs to NYC, PRR, NH and the LIRR. My collection reflects that.

My background is automotive engineering. I worked for 43 years for several employers. I do have a large garage sized shop where I take care of several classics.