Jean Raas

O Scale Hall of Fame Denver – 2021

Jean H. Rass was a long time O scale builder and modeler who lived in Lynchburg, Virginia. Jean had hosted a monthly and O Scale group for many years, drawing people from well outside the local area. The group was an important part of fellowship for O Scalers in an area with few opportunities to visit others in 2 Rail. Jean frequently would display O scale models in the local train show “Rail Day” Jean freely shared his knowledge with others including historical information on O scale equipment. He also shared machining and construction techniques with others including the O scale community through magazine articles such as his recent “building a streamlined sleeping car with custom sides” in the May / June 2015 O Scale Trains magazine. Jean was a Lackawanna (DL & W ) fan, but he also had many other interests including classic passenger train consists. He faithfully attended O scale shows such as the O Scale Nationals and the Strasburg shows. His history goes back to working, for a time, for Bob Smith of Central locomotive works. Needless to say, Jean was a fan of CLW products.