Please vote for only one

First, Thanks for all the input and nominations! Time for an election.

Back story: I have been asked by our president to watch over the Hall of Fame, so many weeks ago I set out a request for nominations and asked for a short bio and picture from all who were nominated. This is what I have received back. I have not edited, added to or deleted anything from these nominations. Bruce Blackwood.

Please vote for one. Votes will be accepted until midnight Eastern Sept. 17th. One vote per MEMBER. Voting is electronic this year. Votes will be counted by computer and then verified by me.

O Scale Hall of Fame Candidate Criteria

The following is the criteria for consideration of candidates for the O Scale Hall of Fame. This criteria should be centered around those whom were early adopters, promoters and persistent proponents of 2-rail O scale (including outside third rail) either as individuals or groups as well as those who are currently involved and having an impact on the 2-rail O scale hobby today.

  • Has the individual manufactured or imported any products that have greatly impacted the 2-rail O scale hobby?
  • Has the individual developed any significant standards that have been adopted and are currently in use in the 2-rail O scale hobby?
  • Has the individual been influential in organizing significant clubs, groups or shows that continue to support the 2-rail O scale hobby?
  • Has the individual shared knowledge freely in order to aid or assist others in the 2-rail O scale hobby?