Scott Kurzawski
Website Coordinator

Scott Kurzawski has been an O Scale 2-Rail modeler since 2012 after moving from Houston, Tx to Austin, TX.  He is currently handling the O Scale Central website development and hopes to enhance the websites capabilities in attracting new O scale modelers and potentially new O Scale Central members. 

Prior to 2012, Scott was an avid HO Scale modeler and belonged to the All Points North Model Railroad Club in Conroe, TX.  Scott enjoys model railroad electronics/software, 3D printing, hand-laying track, and custom painting rolling stock.  He also has a small home machine shop and an investment casting foundry where he fabricates and casts various model railroad items.

Scott models the modern ATSF prior to the BNSF merger.

Scott is graduated college as a Mechanical Engineer and currently works as a firmware developer for Advanced Micro Devices.