Happy post-Labor Day!   A Tip of the hat to all those who labor, past, present or future. I hope your Labor Day weekend included some time to labor on an O Scale layout or any part of a layout. One of the things I enjoy most about this hobby is the many facets of it. One of those facets is being able to share your knowledge with other modelers, New or old. I’m urge you to make a plan and set a goal for how you can share something with somebody about O Scale 2 rail.

I would like to call your attention to David Vaugh’s article in the most recent issue of the The O Scale Resource Magazine. Please take time to read and, if you’ve already read it, please take time to read it again. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience among O Scale Central. If you are not of a negative outlook on the future of O Scale 2 Rail, please sign up for Dave’s blog and contribute.

Gang, we need to step up our efforts for membership. As I said before we have a tremendous knowledge base, experience base, and just a gang of good folk that are not members of the O Scale Central. Please reach out to your friends and acquaintances of any scale. If for no other reason, we need to bring new blood into our hobby to have somebody to sell our stuff to when we go to the big layout in the sky.

A word about 2020 SONC… John Wubble has formed the executive committee. Things are rolling right along. Please read and respond to his request for help in the latest issue of The O Scale Resources Magazine. I can tell you from my past experience with 2018, it’s a lot of work, but well worth it and pays great dividends.

Opportunities to help are coming about as we enter into the model railroading season. Next up will be the Indianapolis O Scale and S Scale Midwest Show

Again, refer to the latest issue of The O Scale Resource magazine for information about this meet. The O Scale King’s will have our booth there to promote our organization and we need volunteers to spend an hour or two talking up the O Scale Central, and O Scale 2 Rail in general. I understand that many feel this is preaching to the choir, and it may well be. But not all the voices in the choir are singing, and some are being heard. Also, during the Indy meet, on Saturday morning there will be a general membership meeting of the O Scale Central. If there is something that you specifically would like to have addressed at that meeting please email me, bruce@oscalekings.org   and yes, John Wubble will be at the meet promoting 2020 SONC.

As many of you know, my wife and I bought a large estate and that has consumed a major part of our summer. That being said, I have not been at my workbench in a couple of months. We started a page on our website entitled what’s on your workbench. This was never my intent to be my exclusive monthly report on what I was doing. Please please please take the time to snap a couple of pictures and write up a one page article about your workbench/projects and send it to me.

Let’s make O scale 2 rail great again!   Thanks, Bruce

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