Happy Thanksgiving! Way too early? Not really, it’s only a few weeks away. November 1st, during the days that my wife and I had a brick and mortar Hobby Shop, was really the beginning of the train selling season. ( Black Friday gets it name from being the day that most retail stores go into the black for 1st time of the year – think about that level of commitment! (11½ months in the red ? ) I admit, the focus went away from serious model railroaders to the masses for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

I want to start out this month‘s Presidents message by reminding everybody of the O Scale National Convention (SONC) coming in July 2020. I realize some of you are already saying why is he talking about July 2020 when we haven’t even got through 2019 yet? Well unfortunately, there is some misinformation going out in some print ads which I fear is going to cause confusion. The 2020 SONC will be held in St. Louis on July 16th,17th & 18th in conjunction with the NMRA national convention. I understand that the Website should be published to the masses within a few days of my writing this which is November 3.

And speaking of train shows, I would like to send out a shout out for all those guys and gals who put on O scale train shows or swap meets. It really is a labor of love. I would rather buy at a train show in person then any online method. I think there are lot of PERKS to attending a 2 rail show, including:

Ability to really inspect the item you want.
Find many small parts that are just not worth selling online.
Avoid possible shipping damage.
See new products in O 2 Rail.
Meet new friends and see old ones.
Find items you really need (even if you did not know that when you walked in).

I also like to break up the drive by taking a railfanning break here and there. Just returned from the Cleveland show, and stopped at several NS hot spots on the way home. (I do not see much if any NS in my home town.)

DUES: Reminder, Dues will go to $24.00 a year on Jan 1, 2020 Take advantage of our dues special! Pay $10.00 for 2020 and $10.00 for 2021 IF PAID by Dec 31st. Yearly dues remain payable on Jan 1st, but at the new rate.

Elections are coming. You stuck with me for one more year, but there are openings for several positions. New blood can be a great thing to an aging organization. Willing to serve? Have someone to nominate? Please contact any board member.

Special OSK’s award for the 2020 SONC! The Board of Directors has approved a special prize package for the O Scale 2 rail entry which scores the highest point total from the NMRA contest judging in Saint Louis. Start your entry now!  It can be in any category judged, but must be O scale 2 rail.

Lastly, Everybody loves model trains during the holidays so invite your buddies over for show and tell.

Thanks, Bruce

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