Hello fellow O scale 2 Railers!

Excitement is starting to build around here as we are less than two weeks away from the Chicago/March meet. The O Scale Central will have a presence in the trading hall with our booth. We still need volunteers to spend an hour or two spreading the word. Please email me at bruce@oscalekings.org and sign up as soon as possible if you can help.

Chicago also marks our traditional yearly general membership meeting which will be held at the hotel on Friday, March 13 from 7 until 8 PM. Please plan on attending.

As I hope everyone knows, we have started a venture-capital fund for future SONC‘s. Our first offering is a limited edition Atlas O 2 rail PFE ice service car. Twelve of these cars were purchased, seven of which have been sold. These cars will come with a numbered certificate and when they’re gone, they’re gone. To get one of the last five cars, you can go online to our website and make a PayPal payment, or send a check or money order. When you make a payment, please email me at bruce@oscalekings.org so that I can put you in the next open slot. And speaking of opportunities, I am still looking for 1 or 2 page articles with maybe a couple of photos for our what’s on your workbench series. Gang, I fear that if newcomers look at our website, they might think that we are nothing but armchair modelers. I personally know that’s far from the truth, but this was never meant to be “Bruce Backwood’s personal let the world know what he’s doing” page. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate spread, just a page, maybe two, and a couple of pictures. The pictures don’t even have to be professional. Today’s cell phone cameras are capable of producing great photos.

The 2020 SONC Executive Committee has been hard at work in conjunction with the NMRA for the upcoming conventions. As you know the 2020 SONC will be held in St. Louis in July in conjunction with the NMRA National. Some key features 1) ALL of the NMRA convention will be open to registered O Scale 2 Railers 2) layout tours, prototype tours, clinics, the national train show, non rail events, etc. PLUS, SONC 2020 will have an O Scale IN HOTEL swap / trading hall. John Wubbel, the chair of the committee, will be making a presentation during our general membership meeting in Chicago.

David Vaughn will also be making a presentation about the state of O Scale. Neither of these should be missed and your input is essential.

See Ya in CHICAGO!

Thanks, Bruce

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