I think I told you last month that summer was upon us; looking at the forecast, I’m going to tell you it is now here!     Hot and Humid… Hot and Humid…  Hot and Humid.  As I write this, the Midwest is being baked.  My hometown of Mount Airy, Maryland has a forecast of 95 on Friday. I guess that’s par for the course with the Fourth of July being Saturday. What does any of  this have to do with O scale two rail?

It Is the perfect time to head down to that nice cool basement and work on the trains.

I’ve been reminded several times in the last week or so why I like model railroading so much. We were blessed with our second granddaughter this last week, which gave us the opportunity to watch the first granddaughter till mom was released. This virus age has made lots of things quite different from before. We were not allowed to go to the hospital, even the husband was only allowed at the last minute to stay with his wife and new baby. My wife did all the work of course, I just spelled her off every now and then. But it did severely limit the amount of time I was able to spend in the basement. Guess what? I realized about day 2 that I really missed it!  Model railroading in the basement has a very calming effect on me. My two sons were also able to come home for a few days during this time.

So we had a full house. I have four kids, none of which are really interested in model railroading. Yes, I know, probably my biggest failure in life. The conversations did lead me to think about what it is that I like about model railroading. I think I’ve boiled it down to the ability to learn something new every time I spend time in the basement, time on the Internet researching, time on the phone talking with old friends, even sending out Emails to learn how to do something. With the virus shutting down most, if not all, train shows and conventions, I’ve learned how to attend and even host Zoom meetings, learned how to log on to virtual conventions for clinics. Even learned how to take screenshots.

Probably like most of you, I am in the middle of a half a dozen projects. I have finally admitted to myself that I am more of a collector than I am an operator.  I realize that I enjoy just having and looking at exquisite models. For example, I have a showcase over my desk with equipment from 8 different railroads represented. I just enjoy figuring out how to complete a task. One of the projects on my railroad that I am involved in now is DCC. Lots of learning to do here, which reminds me I also want to let everyone know how appreciative I am of those that kindly share vast amounts of knowledge. I also feel that it’s sometimes necessary to remind everyone that the newbies out there are the future of the hobby. I urge you to be kind, gentle and of course, thorough if anyone asks you a question.

Please spend a few minutes and allow the passion that you have for O scale 2 rail to come forward. After all, none of us have the same exact skill set as another. Please don’t be afraid to let your skill set shine. Also don’t be afraid to admit that some of your skill sets may need a little more polish. When I was first learning how to back up a trailer, a wise instructor told me to never let my pride get in the way of stopping and pulling forward to reset. A little bit of humble pie always tastes better than putting a trailer in a ditch. In DCC one of things I worry the most about is letting the magic smoke out of the package. That is just a plain awkward and horrible thing to see. Fortunately, many are willing to share and teach one how not to do that.

I’d like to report on the happenings in the O Scale Central / O Scale 2 Railer’s world.

I want to start off with our upcoming module standards. Rich Randall and his committee has been working hard, I have just received his preliminary draft, but have not had time to do a deep review of it. The plans are still to be ready to unveil at the show in September.

2021 O Scale National convention (OSN)!  Yes, I am happy to announce that we have made a name change. SONC is gone and OSN will be a better fit with our revitalization program. I’m very excited to announce that Bob Kjelland is our new convention chair.  We wish to thank Matt Nor by for the efforts and progress made. Bob is looking for members with skill sets related to conventions. Please contact Bob directly to volunteer. Conventions take a lot of work, I’m sure there?s something that you can do to help. And I can tell you again from my own experience working on 2018, that you will make many great friends.

The Midwest O Scale Show is to be held in Indianapolis, September 19 & 20 with the 18 for setup.  https://oscalemidwest.com/  Let’s help the promoters out with pre registrations, table reservations and hotel stays.

I am also happy to report that the Chicago O Scale Show has been picked up and is on for March 26 & 27 in 2021 https://marchmeet.net/WP/  They need our help with show, table and  room reservations as well.

Here are some words from David Vaughn, advisor to the O Scale Central board.

Dear OSK Members:

We are working hard to revitalize and improve O Scale 2Rail. It’s working: we have great news:

The OS2R Forum – a scale-wise discussion site for all things Scale O – is scheduled to go live next week. And work is actively underway on the OS2R Product Guide, a free, one stop place to find listings of available products and services. Watch for announcements.

* The 2021 O Scale National Convention will be held in Denver, Colorado in June. Colorado is the home of western narrow gauge, a beautiful destination and June is a great time of year!  It will be a wonderful event. Watch for announcements of dates, hotel and arrangements. Good things are happening in OS2R.  Be a part of the community by attending these great events, participating in the Forum, using the Guide, being an active member and volunteering. [websites].

Thanks David.

I’d also like to ask everybody to check out our website for further information and updates.

Thanks, Bruce

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