Happy new year! I hope everybody had a prosperous 2019.

I’m excited!

As you know, we had elections the end of December for number one, a new treasurer, who is Joseph Norman. A big thanks, a really BIG thanks to Bob Plageman for all his efforts serving as treasurer. And Rick Liebich, who was serving as a Board Member. Please give them both a handshake when you see them and say thanks. We also had two new board members elected in December Richard Dunaway and Brian Huang. Congratulations to both for winning the election hands-down. It’s never a bad thing to have new blood injected into an organization like this. As president, I will commit to each of you that the opinions and suggestions of all the board members will be listened to. I also enjoy hearing from our members, so if you have a thought or suggestion,  please email me at Bruce@OscaleCentral.org.

As I am halfway through my term has president, I should report on the state of the O Scale Central. Our membership numbers are climbing. The treasury is climbing, but don’t worry, We are going to use this money to do exactly what this organization is supposed to be doing, and that’s promoting  O scale 2 rail in all of its many different facets.

As many of you know, if not all, I am not a great writer. I tend to ramble and find many switches set to go off the mainline. So, let me just start my ramble. Let’s start with the next event that the O Scale Central (who are doing business as “O Scale 2 Railers”) will be attending. The Springfield, Massachusetts show January 25th and 26th. If you’re planning on attending, and I hope you do, please,  please,  please contact me and sign up for an hour or two at the booth, answering questions and just generally promoting O scale 2 rail. This may be one of the top three opportunities to convert those in other areas of interest to O scale 2 rail. And that means we need your help. The next big show/opportunity would be the scale show in Timonium, Maryland Feb 1st & 2nd. If we can get some volunteers to man the booth, we can get the booth there. Again, email me. And then of course there’s the March meet in the Chicago area, 13th and 14th of March. Our booth will be there, but again, we need some volunteers to donate some time. Looking even farther out, April 18 is the Strasburg show. Again, we can have the booth there, but we need volunteers to man it.

Here comes another switch, this is my plug for the O Scale National Convention, which is going to be held in St. Louis, Missouri in conjunction with the NMRA’s National held July 12th-18th

Early info at : https://www.gateway2020.org/  with the 2020 SONC running the 16th 17 and 18th.   https://sonc2020.com

Another thing, What are your O Scale 2 Rail new year resolutions?  I am a proponent of setting New Year’s Resolutions?  I often fail, but often a resolution gets me on the right track and moving toward a goal. Why not take this time and write down 5 things O Scale 2 Rail related goals for 2020? (A goal not written down is only a wish.) Here is a written list to help you get started:

1.  Contact Bruce at Bruce@OscaleCentral.org and set up a time to spend a couple of hours promoting O Scale 2 Rail by manning the booth at Springfield / Amherst, Timonium, Chicago or other shows we may attend.

2.  Prepare a 1 page “What’s on your Workbench” story for the O Scale Central Website with 1 or 2 pictures, AND SEND IT,  to Bruce at   Bruce@OscaleCentral.org.

3.   Make a written list of 12 things to do on your layout.  No layout you say? Make that – Start my layout!  (Watch for some big module news coming soon.) When my dad started what would be his last layout, my Uncle,  who had no interest really in model trains, spent many a Saturday morning moving boxes from one side of the room to the other to allow for shelves to be built during the week. And then the next Saturday would be moving all those boxes back to the other side of the room to be put on the shelves. Doesn’t sound like a big thing now, but it was the beginning of a layout in a new house. Things like finish THIS building, build THAT kit, repair THAT car, clean THE track, hook up THAT device, run A train around.  Be very specific, then set a date of completion. IE: I will rebuild the switch into the Passenger station by March 1st.  Doing this helps me prepare for swap meets. I get thinking about how to accomplish these things by that date and realize I need rail, spikes, etc.  to repair the switch, and a shopping list gets started.

4.  Open your layout!   No layout you say again.  Host an open house to solicit help with planning ideas. Have sketch and note pads, pencils ready.  Pick the 3 or 4 locals to have over.

5.  Start making hard plans to attend regional shows or national conventions. Many times, these things need to be done well in advance to get reservations at a host hotel, to make the list of extra trips / clinics at such conventions and of course, put away little money for the swap meet. I used to laugh at a good friend who had gotten to the point that the thing that he enjoyed about the York meet was visiting with old friends. I now understand. One of the best things that happened during the 2018 SONC for me, as a member of the executive committee, was the new friendships formed with other others that volunteered in so many different facets of the convention. And oh, by the way, details are still being worked out, but early indications are that volunteers on behalf of the O scale Central with the NMRA convention will earn money for the O scale Central.

Other News, not quite ready for prime time: A committee has been started to build a list of current O scale two rail manufacturers and suppliers which will be shared on our Website.   I attended a meeting Saturday the 4th with some of the great minds and O scale two rail. The topic of discussion was how to further promotion of O scale 2 rail in conjunction with the 2020 SONC and the O Scale Central. More information will be coming very shortly.

I think that should just about wrap it up for this month’s message. As always, please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, suggestions etc. Bruce@OscaleCentral.org.    Unfortunately, I have misplaced the phone number for the complaint department. No seriously, if you have constructive criticism please feel free to share that with me also.

Thanks, Bruce

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