Hello O Scale 2 Railers!

Chicago has come and gone. I want to start out this month by thanking all those who, in lots of different ways, supported The O Scale Central booth at Chicago, I, along with several others are calling our efforts very successful. I know lots of people think that were preaching to the choir at the O scale shows, however we sold three copies of the O Scale primer, an introduction to O Scale. A book which was last printed 10 years ago. Tells me we can still reach out at O scale 2 rail shows to those who are entering our hobby. We also had quite a few membership renewals. I’m sure that we would not have gotten those had we not been there promoting. Also received several new member sign-ups. And I’m very happy to report that Melissa Hill of the Chicago Show fame is our (as far as I know) first female member. There’s a story for another day behind her membership. The tease involves flowers and Jim Canter …

Here is my Chicago report: our booth was out in front of the main door so during the time that I was working the booth, I used the old standard of what was actually being carried outside as a gauge of the show. I’m happy to report that many people where caring multiple items out the door. Green boxes seem to be very popular this year. During the times that I was walking the training hall, I noticed that the vendors that seem to have at least reasonable prices (in my opinion) where doing quite well, those who seemed to be on the high side of things did not seem to be doing as well. For the last five or so years I have been trying to add on to a particular passenger train, I need several different car styles and there’s one vendor that had four of those cars sitting in the same exact spot on his table for the last five years, as I’ve been searching for these cars, I kind of feel like I know the price points, but this guy won’t budge off his at least 40% higher than the going rate prices. So, every year I just smile, ask him if he’s willing to do any better on the cars, he says no, and they come back the next year to reside on the same spot. I also noticed that the vendors that had unusual, rare, or really well-done models, sold those fast. Case in point, scratch-built freight cars for a specific prototype that probably will never be mass produced seemed to do move really quick this year. For me, I found the top 3 items on my list at very reasonable prices. I have not heard attendance numbers as of yet, but the trading hall seemed to be on the crowded side most of Saturday. It also seemed to me a tad bit younger / new to me group. We left early Sunday morning to make the drive home so can’t tell you what type of end of show deals were available. Lots of rumors going on about the Chicago March meet show. What I can report is that there is a contract with the hotel for 2020.

Short report on the general membership meeting held Friday night at Chicago. First a big thanks to the Chicago crew for providing us with a room at the hotel. Membership meeting ran just about an hour. Many many many topics were discussed and some great suggestions were made. I’m going to call it a success.

We have been invited by the Strasburg train show hosts to set up our booth at the April 6 show. John Dunn and his chauffeur (I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, I could pick you out in a lineup, but I doubt you’d be in one) took the booth from Chicago to John’s home and will bring it to the Strasburg show. As many of you know this show runs from 9 o’clock until 1 o’clock. I am asking for four volunteers to take a one hour shift each to man the booth. Yours truly will have a table so I will only be able to “hang around”. Please respond directly to me if you would put in an hour.

Few other bits and pieces:

New website is up and running … Check it out!

Watch the website for upcoming news and announcements!

Ed Bommer is new mentoring program chair. Put him to work for you. Ask a question.

Thanks, Bruce

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