Happy July, this month is really getting away from me quickly. Just returned home from a trip to Florida visiting my oldest son. And as things happen, got back and realized that July was upon us. Just outside of Largo Florida they have a live steam club layout in the park. Of course, we were not able to travel during the weekend that they open for public runs. Just as well, it’s so hot down there I don’t think I’d been comfortable riding behind a live steamer. Just the same, sure I would’ve tried. Hope everybody had a wonderful Fourth of July and thanks to all those who made having Fourth of July celebrations possible.

We seem to be in the middle of the summertime slow down for model train shows, meets, etc. etc. Least on the local level. I unfortunately am not going to be able make it to Salt Lake for the MMRA national this coming week. I am very excited about the efforts that John Wubble is making on behalf of the O scale national convention for 2020 as part of the MMRA’s St. Louis national.

I was able to attend a show in Harrisburg PA a couple weeks back. This show is billed as the Harrisburg Narrow O Summer meet now, was the Lycoming ON30 show and was admittedly much smaller than last year. The promoter tells us that this was due to time constraints in securing a new venue this year and that it will go back to a much larger venue next year. This was predominantly an ON30 show. I can tell you that these guys know how to model. So, the obvious thing to me is that we need to promote our organization amongst this group. I’m looking for some Harrisburg locals to step up and take & man the booth next year. I can tell you that I found a couple of “deals” on O scale 2 rail.

A couple of pleads, please.

The Board of Directors is desirous to update our mobile display booth. We’re looking for some newer pictures of O Scale 2 rail layouts, can be ON 30, can be ON 3, On2 ? if it’s O scale 2 rail were interested. These should be shots of finished areas of your layout and would be best if they showed the high level of detail possible in O scale. Please look through your collections or even go down and take a few new pictures and send them into us. Thanks!

Second plead, looking for folks to volunteer to help out at the national convention next year in St. Louis. Please ponder what you might be able to offer, even if it’s just a few hours, I’m sure that John will be able to put you to work.

Third, invite a friend to an O Scale 2 rail get together. Oh wait, you say that I just said it’s the summer slowdown ?. Well, how about doing an open house? Invite some of the O scale guys & Gals over and some of the non-O Scale group. Does not matter if your layout is finished, does not even matter if it’s operating. Just get together and have a bull session. Show off some of the projects you’re working on. Have a review of the latest and greatest piece you bought home. Heck, you could even go have lunch at the local restaurant near the tracks.

Fourth, I would like to ask everyone to revisit my last president’s message where I asked all to figure out a way to do a O Scale 2 rail mini clinic day. Someone suggested to me that the local library has rooms for public use. I am looking into this at my local library to see if we can come up with a Saturday morning mini con of sorts.

As I am writing this, I am watching the clean up of a derailment on the Horseshow curve web cam. What a process! Railfanning from the comfort of my home office. Maybe someone would put up an O Scale 2 rail channel ?? Virtual O Scale.

Okay so that’s it for this month, let’s get out there and do something in O scale 2 rail land.



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