So this marks the occasion of my final President’s Message. I’d like to start out by thanking each of you for your support, your membership in the O Scale Central, and for reaching out to me with your suggestions over the last two years. The O Scale Central membership is just a great group of people. I would be amiss if I did not specifically single out George Wallace and acknowledge his great work, and efforts on behalf of the O Scale Central. I’m sure we’ve all heard that saying of behind every great man is a woman, well that could easily be modified to “behind this president was a great man in George Wallace”. I can totally & honestly tell you that I never would’ve survived two years as President without George and his constant never-ending support. I would also like to take a few lines to thank all the members who have served on the Board of Directors for the past two years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I also give thanks to those who served as advisors during this time.

The insight from all these gents has been of great worth to me. And with the efforts these guys, I believe a lot of positive constructive accomplishments have happened over the last two years for the O Scale Central. I hope you will join with me and throw your full support behind our new president and Board January 1st. (The rumors that I will not leave office are only partially true) and with that, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone that dues are due January 1. I am gratified by the number of renewals we’ve gotten since our last communication on this subject, but much more can be done. I believe our numbers are going to be at about 140 paid members on January 1 for the 2021 year. This is probably the one area where I failed to accomplish my goal. So, we’ll just turn it over to the new gang and support them however we can to increase our numbers.

I like to review a few things from last month’s message by starting out with setting goals. Were only a month away from New Year’s and that is always a great time to set new goals. I am somewhat shocked that no one has taken me up on sending me a list of their goals so that I can hold your feet to the fire. I truly hope that that means that you each set goals, but just don’t want to burden me with burning your feet. That being said, the offer still stands. I will take a moment and let you know about my progress on my goals. I have completed the installation of my truss bridge, and am now doing some scenery work to finish up. For my industrial siding, I have ordered a custom-made switch as it’s going to be somewhat buried behind scenery and not easily accessible, so I want something totally reliable and my skill level is just not there yet. Parts are arriving for my DCC and sound installs, so completion of those locomotives looks good.

Now I want to move on to upcoming events: I apologize that the notice for a membership meeting via Zoom on Friday, December 4th at 8 PM Eastern time got sent out a little bit later than we had planned. We’ve got several presentations which will be made, and hopefully have some time for just questions and answers and just get to talk to each other. Please attend if you can. The invite went out to the general membership, but if you have friends that you think would be interested, please share the link with them.

Elections: the post mark date has passed so we are allowing a few more days for those ballots to arrive at which point George will make the official count (and if you guys understand how meticulous George is, there will be no need for a recount, I assure you). Tthe announcement of winners will go out on 31 December via email. The official gavel (and yes, we have one) will be turned over to the new President virtually on January 1 and physically soon after that.

Chicago: Things are still looking up and positive for 2021. A representative from the show will be on with us Friday night to give us the latest update.

O Scale National in Denver: The committee continues their hard work and planning. As President, I sit in on the biweekly zoom calls and I am just excited!!! Sounds like these guys even have figured out a way to get this virus under control before the convention! The big push with lots of information is going to start around the middle of December. The committee chair, Bob Kjelland, will also be on our membership meeting Friday night to share more details and answer questions.

Members of the O Scale Central, thank you for again all the support and friendship. I will be moving to the office of the past president, so I’ll still be around, but you won’t hear from me so much.Thanks, Bruce

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