Hello fellow O scale 2 railers!

I’m not sure about you but it’s hard for me to believe that this is August 1, 2020. So being August 1, the nominations for the Hall of Fame are closing today. Please watch for a ballot on the website within the next week or so.

Let’s get to a few updates:

Elections: Beginning this coming week, an Elections Committee will be established and will begin the process of seeking for nominations for officers and members of the Board of Directors. The positions of President and Secretary are open, along with one Director. If you know of a good candidate, please contact me to nominate. I would really love to see a genuine election. I have enjoyed my stint as your president but it’s time for me to move on and have new ideas and concepts presented to the membership. I would also like to take this opportunity to announce a consideration to change the number of Directors on the Board as set by the Constitution. If the Board approves this, we will put it on the ballot for approval by the general membership. I see this as a very positive thing! The O Scale Central, doing business as O Scale 2 Railers is growing! There’s still plenty to do and more hands are needed.

Train shows: I’m sure we are all missing the shows that have been canceled due to the virus. Safety first is the old slogan and one that still applies to us today. As of this writing, Strasburg on October 17 is still a go. Followed by Cleveland in November. As of today, local law requires wearing facemask indoors at both locations. Gang, if that’s what it takes to get back to a train show, I’m all in. I am announcing that we’re going to have a contest promoted by the O Scale 2 Railers for the best train facemask at both of these shows. I’ll give you a hint, I’m going to instruct the judges to be looking for trains on the mask. Best facemask will be awarded a prize!

As further information on Cleveland, Sam has just sent this message to me to pass on to the membership:

“We have no dinner this year for obvious reasons this time. We will have Friday afternoon early load in Friday Nov 6 12- 4 PM and 7-9AM Sat. We wish to emphasize the wearing of masks, washing of hands and social distancing of 6 feet. This goes with the loading and setup times. We have around 175 tables and space available if needed. We wish you all good health.”

Chicago: I hope everyone has seen the update that the Chicago show promoters are working to renegotiate the contract with the hotel and as of today the show is still on.

2021 OSN in Denver area: I don’t have much to update you on yet as the Committee is working hard to firm up locations and dates and costs. I will tell you that this is sounding really big. Start saving your money, as soon as things are firmed up, the announcements and media campaign will begin. Most likely in the next couple of weeks.

Modules: Rich and his committee are working hard and are producing some great concepts. I may be getting off on a siding here, but I will tell you that there may be a revolutionary change to modules. With the cancellation of the Indy show, looking for a Cleveland show rollout.

O Scale Central: a lot of work is going on, and tremendous progress is being made on this program. I invite all of you to check out the up and running blog forum at:


Watch for announcement of a rollout coming soon for several other parts of the program.

It’s not too early to start planning your model building for the National Convention in 2021. If you are in the Denver area, think seriously about opening your layout for a tour.

We are still in need of a social media guru for help with the O Scale Central project and O Scale 2 Railer projects. Please contact me at Bruce@OscaleCentral.org if you have a skill set your willing to share. We are also looking for and have great need of a videographer with some equipment and editing skills for online clinic development. Gang, there is a tremendous amount of skill in the many facets of model O scale 2 rail that needs to be shared. There are those looking to get into the hobby and those looking to move from other scales to O scale 2 rail. We need to be sharing the tremendous knowledge base that our membership has. Please figure out a way that you can help.

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