Every year, O Scale Central has elections to fill leadership positions in the organization. As a member, you have the responsibility to vote for your OSC leadership.  Each candidate for this election will be elected to a term starting on January 1, 2024, and ending on December 31, 2026.
Below are the candidates and their short biographies as well as the two nominees for the Hall of Fame.

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Skyler Shippy

Skyler Shippy has been an O scale Two rail modeler for the last 16 years. He has been a member of the Detroit Model Railroad Club since 2007, and has served on the board of directors for a total of six years (with more to come). His capacity on the board was a director, Vice President, and President. Skyler enjoys designing and building, of which his preference is hand laid trackage. In total he has likely laid over 1500’ of track and 75 switches, all ranging from using a cast frog to curved turnouts. He has also built a 22’ long 15” higher wooden trestle. His current project to replicate the Montréal river dam trestle. Skyler’s locomotives and rolling stock primarily consist of Nickel Plate Road models, but there are also some modern diesels and equipment, as well as a few articulated steam locomotives. In addition to modeling in 1:48, Skyler is the advisor for OSC in relation to club and modular group outreach. With his background of heavily participating in an O scale club, Skyler hopes to increase the communication and connection to the clubs nationwide. Also, for the last three years he has been on the board of directors of the Nickel Plate Historical and Technical Society as the membership director. Skyler graduated in 2019 from the University of Michigan – Flint as a mechanical engineer, and his current job is that of a design engineer for a company called Magnetic Products.


Joe Norman

I started in O Scale at the age of 4, when my dad and uncle bought themselves a Lionel train set for Christmas and let me blow the whistle! I have been generally active since, and a serious O Scaler since 1986, both standard and narrow gauge. I don’t have a home layout, but focus my efforts at the Oklahoma Model Railroad Association & Museum, where we have a large standard and narrow gauge layout under construction.

I am a member of the NMRA, Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, The Burlington Route Historical Society, and I’m on the board of directors of The Oklahoma Model Railroad Association & Museum. I am a Certified Public Accountant and own my own firm in Yukon, Oklahoma. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.


Eric Peterson

My interest in model railroading and railroads started with building HO models and attending NMRA activities with my father in the Detroit area. I started modeling in O Scale 2 Rail in 1971 and have continued to enjoy the hobby and scale. I am a candidate for Director for the O Scale Central organization.

I bring to O Scale Central a background in prototype railroad operations and engineering as well as over 50 years modeling experience in O Scale 2 Rail. I have built a layout in sections and this has made it possible to move and reused the layout in garages and basements without substantial changes. We move to Indiana in 2017 and the layout has been expanded and rewiring is in progress for DCC track power and CMRI Signaling.

I have been in leadership positions not only in the railroad industry but also church, local engineering, and the model railroad hobby. This includes leading a division on the NMRA Sunshine Region, the Sunshine Region Board, the Midwest Region Board and Central Indiana Division Board. I continue to be active within the NMRA supporting local activities including monthly “Track Talk” Zoom meetings and train show. I recently coordinated O Scale Central exhibits all week during the NMRA Gateway 2022 convention in St. Louis and the National Train Show. I am life member and continue to support the NMRA because it is the organization for all scales in our hobby providing standards, recommended practices, publications, contests and achievement awards but more importantly the social and educational activities we enjoy.

When I am considering being part of an organization I decide if I can make a difference and if there are other leaders involved that can come together to make significant improvements. I believe O Scale Central is making major improvements and I plan to continue supporting advancement of the organization.


Walter Horlacher

First off, I just want to let everybody know that I have only been a member of O Scale Central for 10 years but I have been In O scale since I purchased my first new All Nation Locomotive dual chain drive switcher 40 years ago, but my interest in trains is deeply rooted like so many others from our childhood.

Born in Waukesha Wisconsin in 1957, I was literally raised on the Soo Line mainline as it ran through our backyard with my sandbox strategically located next to the right of way, I can still vividly remember waving off every locomotive and caboose as they rolled by. At age 10 Dad packed up the family and we moved to sunny South Florida where I would call home until I retired in 2019.

Even with that said my primary interest are with the Mid-west railroads with emphasis on Milwaukee Road.

Upon High School graduation I did a 3-year stint in the Army and served as a Combat Engineer, afterwards I continue serving in the Air Force reserves serving as Civil Engineer for an additional 30 years, which included three Post 9-11 deployments to Southwest Asia including Iraqi Freedom and retiring as a Chief Master Sergeant in 2008.

I have been married to my Wife Liz for 41 years and have a lovely daughter Alexandria who recently got married.

My civilian carrier Included working for the Florida East Coast Railway and while working there I earned a nickname as so many railway workers have and was baptized as “Waldo”. I also worked in the graphics industry and finished up my working career as a Facility Services Project Manager.


Algis Oslapas

I live in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and was raised in New York City. My love of trains started at an early age watching the elevated and subway lines of New York as well as Sunnyside Yard and the Long Island RR facility in Morris Park. I lost my first tooth in a New York Central coach on the way to Cleveland.

Modelling started with a Lionel 027 set and expanded to fill an 8 x 8 table with track, trains and scenery. A move at 12 years old put an end to that and a lifelong interest in cars took over. The Weaver RS3 caught my attention when it came out and sparked an interest in O scale 2 rail. The first layout was a shelf running around a room and through a closet. The current layout was started and then stopped and is buried at the moment.

My railroad interest runs to NYC, PRR, NH and the LIRR. My collection reflects that.

My background is automotive engineering. I worked for 43 years for several employers. I do have a garage sized shop where I take care of several classics.


O Scale Hall Of Fame
John Wubbel

Nominated for continuing the All-Nation Line and work for SONC 2020.

John worked as Chairman of the SONC 2020 St. Louis Committee and has spent the last three years reviving the All-Nation Line, which he purchased tooling and rights to the name in 2020. His important contributions to the hobby, both as an event organizer and product supplier, warrant his election to the Hall of Fame.



O Scale Hall Of Fame
John Dunn

John has done just tremendous amounts of work, mostly all volunteer promoting O scale 2 rail. Most east coasters, and beyond know John was deeply involved with the Strasburg O scale show. John also had a big part of the O scale show for the local club in New Jersey for many years and had leader ship positions within the organization. In the not so public side of support, John has provided many a table space for the O scale kings, which is now the O scale central to promote the group at no charge at any event we asked for. John has also behind the scenes made many a donation in cash and other forms to help the Hobby grow. John is always willing to share his knowledge. John is also a great modeler. This can be evidenced at the last auction in Strasburg, featuring a custom built by John, modular layout, a switching layout, which kept Man A Young hand occupied for hours at the show, helping bring a new generation into O scale 2 rail model railroading.



  1. Amend Article IV, Section 3, Paragraph A to include the words “Vice President” between the words “President” and “Secretary”
    1. Purpose: To correct oversight.
  2. Amend Article V, Section 1, Paragraph A to include the words “Vice President” between the words “President” and “Secretary”
    1. Purpose: To correct oversight.
  3. Article V, Section 3: Add a “Paragraph D” stating: The Secretary and Treasurer shall serve a term of two years and may serve four consecutive terms if reelected. The Treasurer shall be elected in odd numbered years, and the Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years.
    1. Purpose: To extend the term eligibility for the Secretary and Treasurer
  4. Article VI, Section 3, Subsection A: Add verbiage “except as provided in Article 5, Section 3 Paragraph D.” after the word “reelected”.
    1. Purpose: To recognize the extended eligibility for the Secretary and Treasurer.
  5. Amend Article VIII, Section 1, Paragraph 2, second sentence: change the word “shall” to the word “may”.
    1. Purpose: To give the Board flexibility whether to compensate the Editor.



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