Jamie Robinson

My “14 day” build (which will be at least 30 days, I expect) is this vintage US Hobbies 50’ 6” Pullman Standard boxcar.

I model P48 which means that none of the included details will be used, just the body and the rest added and or fabricated as necessary.

I should have known that it would take massively longer than 14 days, but I was thrilled with how fast the body and center sill went together. Then I started working on the sliding center sill and decided that the kit sill, as designed, wasn’t going to work for me, so it was torn out and a new one will be fabricated… More to come.

Well, here’s where I am after 30 days. Today I started to apply the decals on the first side. I had to resize the dimensional data I created so that won’t be ready for application until Saturday.

Other than the decals, the car is essentially complete except for the uncoupling levers, an unpleasant fabrication job I have been putting off…

This car has a completely functional sliding center sill and is about 90% correct for its prototype, detail-wise. I have been working from a couple of photos of a specific car.