Modules are an important way to start O Scale 2 Rail layouts regardless of the size of the space available.  Modules are popular in all scales and are frequently displayed during local train shows and NMRA events.

There are also other construction details for portable or movable model railroad layouts listed here.

A module is a portable table-like structure which is part of a group of similar tables which when assembled together form a large and fully operable model railroad. A module is designed to fit anywhere in the layout, and in any orientation of endplates.

A section (as opposed to “module”), is a portable table-like structure or section of bench work which is part of a group of similar tables which when assembled together form a large and fully operable model railroad. Each section fits in a specific place and orientation in the overall layout., has promulgated an HO standard. The objective of the Free-Mo Standard is paraphrased as follows: to provide a platform for prototype modeling in a flexible, modular environment with modules that emphasize realistic, plausible scenery, track work, and operation. Free-Mo goes beyond the traditional closed-loop set-up by creating a truly universal “free-form” modular design that is operations oriented and heavily influenced by prototype railroading.  This concept primarily serves model railroaders who like to operate trains in a prototypical fashion.

Most of the existing portable railroads will not easily connect with each other. Transition modules can be used to connect module groups with different construction practices.  It would be good if O Scalers could bring a module to an event and connect it to many others to create a large O Scale railroad that all participants could enjoy, as well as being observed by non-participants.

There are module groups in different parts of the country with members that work together to have construction details for their group.  These construction details are often based on NMRA Standards and Technical Information with variations implemented for their own group.  Many of these local construction details are effective alternatives.  O Scale Central is listing module groups on this website by including them in the Clubs and Organizations page.

Although O Scale Central is not a standards setting organization, it is reaching out to clubs, module groups and other organizations to increase awareness of other groups and their information.  O Scale module groups are welcome to provide their Module Construction Details to be shared on this website.

Drafted 3 12 2023 by Eric Peterson