O Scale Turnouts, Inc



P.O. Box 818
Hamburg, MI 48139

O Scale Turnouts™, Inc., a Michigan Corporation, was formed in 2012 to offer the O-scale 2-rail community (¼ scale and P48), an engineered, high quality and prototypical looking turnout that will outperform any ready to run store bought turnout at an affordable price.

Turnout Features:
• Designed to the NMRA S-3.2 (Feb. 2010) Standard, A.R.E.A. Manual for Railway Engineering and 1921 Maintenance of Way Standards.
• Constructed using our own designed, precision milled fabrication jigs.
• Rail and Trackwork Supplies™ cast frog, guard rails and points for a prototypical appearance.
• 11-PC ties resistance soldered to the rail to insure precise track gauge.
• Solid (non-hinged) Points.
• Staggered rail ends.
• Diverging stock and frog rails extended (#8, #10) for single cross-over application on 4” centerline.
• DC / DCC compatible.
• Insulated Frog.
• Point rails electrically connected to the stock rails.
• Prototypical tie spacing.
• Proudly manufactured in the United States by American Citizens.

Updated: 4-19-23