O Scale Central
11937 Stratford Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Minutes of the Board Meeting, September 14, 2020

The Meeting was conducted by ZOOM.

Members in Attendance: Bruce Blackwood – President
George Wallace – Secretary
Joe Norman – Treasurer
Richard Donaway – Member
Brian Huang – Member
Michael Walter – Member
Nick Bulgarino – Advisor
Dan Dawdy -Webmaster Advisor
Rick Liebich – Advisor
Bob Kjelland – Advisor
Rich Randall, Advisor
David Vaughn – Advisor
John Wubbel, Advisor

The meeting was called to order by the President at about 8:37 pm EDT

The minutes of the August Meeting were approved with all yea votes.

The Secretary’s Report: George – There were 130 paid members for 2020, 65 for 2021,
20 for 2022, 7 for 2023 and 1 for 2024.

The Treasurer’s Report: Joe.
Bank Balance 07/31/2020 $7,772.14
Cleared Transactions
Deposits and Credits (2) $264.00
Less Checks and Payments (5) -$573.63
Uncleared Transactions (3) -$167.50
Bank Balance 07/31/2020 $7,295.01
In Transit
Deposits $0.00
Outstanding Checks (2) -$144.50
Available Balance 9/14/2020 $7,150.51
YTD: All Income – we are Plus $602
YTD: Dues only income – we are Minus $151
We must get more members just to stay even with last year.
The two reports were voted all Yeas.

Modular Layouts Report: Rich Randall – He needs help getting sketches and photos on the website.
It was suggested we need someone to maufacture a modular kit as many of our modelers do not have the resources to build one from scratch. John showed a corner built by his 3-D printer program. It was discuused at length with several ideas offered. It prints in a very tough plastic. The legs discussion prompted many ideas such as multiple heights, telescoping (if required) and levelinhg methods. Electrical connectors were also discussed. The standard will not be one of the existing standards but a new”Rich Randall Standard”.

O Scale Central Report: Readership has improved about 4,000%, mostly by faceBook. Version 1 of the the Guide is due out by the end of October. We need to get more publishers involved. The first ad will be in the next issue of O Scale Trains. Most effort is going into improving web-sites. Responses are improving but most are coming from trolley and narrow gauge modelers. David and Nick visited with the son of the founder of Modern Atlas. He was very interested in our project and is considering a 2 rail starter set, P-48 wheels, 2021 convention cars and getting Atlas in O Scale Trains and in more multi scale shows. It was stressed that we only want to help them, not get a handout.

Old Business

John’s mission statement was edited to a shorter version by the board and he will send out the reworked statement for e-mail board approval.

Chicago is looking good. They have the 1st block of rooms almost sold out. We should still encourage people to register.

George will procure the plaques for the Hall of Fame Inductees.

The venture Capital cars are sold out and delivered. We need to come up with our next fund-raiser. Polo shirt or whatever?

Bruce still needs artwork for our trifold display booths. Any simple artwork will do. He also wants all board members ro write up what’s on your workbench.

New Business:

The Strasberg show is going ahead. Bruce, David, Nick and John are going and will take our
computer corner and a module , hopefully, to show to O Scalers. We think Cleveland is still a go.

David proposed 4 changes to our constitution.
1. Amend to have 5 versus 3 board members,
2. Amend to accommodate the 2 extra members,
3. Amend allowing the board to replace an ex-President if it became necessary,
4. Amend to allow electronic voting. A motion was made to accept these
proposals and passed unanimously. The BOD ballot will contain these proposals in full proper legal language for voting on by all our members.

David was thanked for his article and Nick volunteered to do the November article for OST.

Bob gave an update on the Denver Convention. Things are progressing well. He got 36 old
convention cars from Ted Schnepf.

Apparently MTH is gone for good.

The meeting was adjourned at 10 pm EDT.


George Wallace