O Scale Central
11937 Stratford Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Minutes of the Board Meeting, November 9, 2020

The Meeting was conducted by ZOOM.

Members in Attendance: Bruce Blackwood – President
George Wallace – Secretary
Joe Norman – Treasurer
Brian Huang – Member
Michael Walter – Member
Sam Shumaker- Past President
Nick Bulgarino – Advisor
Dan Dawdy -Webmaster Advisor
Rick Liebich – Advisor
Rich Randall, Advisor
David Vaughn – Advisor
John Wubbel, Advisor

The meeting was called to order by the President at about 8:30 pm EST

The minutes of the October Meeting were approved with all yea votes.

The Secretary’s Report: George – There were 135 paid members for 2020, 81 for 2021,
26 for 2022, 9 for 2023, 3 for 2024 and 2 for 2025. Ballots for BOD nominees and proposed
amendments to our Constitution were mailed out prior to the deadline. 39 ballots have been
cast, all in favor of the nominees and acceptance of the proposed changes. Official results will be announced in early December. Dues reminder e-mails were discussed. Bruce and George will work out the details.

The Treasurer’s Report: Joe.
Bank Balance 09/30/2020 $7,150.51
Cleared Transactions
Deposits and Credits (2) $423.50
Less Checks and Payments (6) -$705.91
Uncleared Transactions (2) -$111.50
Bank Balance 10/31/2020 $6,756.60
In Transit
Deposits (3) $320.68
Outstanding Checks (2) -$272.18
Available Balance 11/9/2020 $6,805.10
Net gain for the month – $41.69, net gain for2020 – $112.48

The two reports were voted all Yeas.

Old Business:

2021 OSN Report – David (Bob is recovering from COVID -19) The Denver plans are moving along. Bob is recovering from the virus and conducted a very good session recently. The recent news of an effective vaccine gives them high hopes that the convention will occur. The hotel contract is very good with an acceptable fee for the trading hall.

The 2020 Cleveland show has been cancelled but Sam Is planning on two shows in 2021, April 10th and November 6th, virus permitting.

2021 Amherst has been cancelled. We are applying our payment to 2022 to lock in our price for that show.

2021 Chicago still on, virus permitting. Bruce Has a room reserved and will have some type of OSK event there regardless. We will present David Vaughn his Hall Of Fame Plaque there.

Modular Report: Rich Randall – He will take another two weeks to fix discrepancies. Strasberg response to modules was good.

O Scale Central Report – David/Nick. Program is moving along well with concentratiion on O Scale Info on the web-sites. The secondary market guide is coming along well.

Bruce needs somesone to video (shoot) clinics for our websites and other uses. Please send him names of anyone who can do the job.

2021 dues are due December 31, 2020. It was suggested that two e-mail reminder blasts be sent out. One to current and former members listing the ways we spend their dues and things OSK can do for them. Another to vendors to show all things we provide to them besides free advertising. Please send any suggestings for these e-mails to Bruce. Mike Walter will spearhead the vendor contact. Member privacy issues were addressed and will be further discussed.

Bruce still needs artwork for tabletop/display. Mail or e-mail it to him.

Venture Capital Fund shirt, any suggestions. Cost should be about $20 and sell for $40. Need logo for shirts. Send ideas to Bruce, he still has the reasonable source for shirts. Old shirts on hand wil be sold to Denver folks at cost.

O Scale Central Mission Statement: “An O Scale Organisation Promoting 1:48 2 Rail Trains”

Camera Car: It looks like best use would be to send someone around to video layouts.

What’s on workbench: Two BOD members volunteered for future articles.

New Business:

Bruce is planning a virtual Annual Membership meeting soon as our train shows are so uncertain. Details to follow by e-mail.

Future shows will have a joint table for OSK and O Scale Central with computer screen, PayPal ability and a small train display.

Please advise Dan Dawdy of any train show information you come across.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:03 pm EST.


George Wallace