O Scale Central
11937 Stratford Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Minutes of the Board Meeting, December 14, 2020

The Meeting was conducted by ZOOM.

Members in Attendance: Bruce Blackwood – President
George Wallace – Secretary
Joe Norman – Treasurer
Michael Walter – Member
Nick Bulgarino – Advisor
Dan Dawdy – Webmaster Advisor
Rich Randall, Advisor
David Vaughn – Advisor
John Wubbel, Advisor

The meeting was called to order by the President at about 8:30 pm EST

The minutes of the November Meeting were approved with all yea votes.

The Secretary’s Report: George – There were 135 paid members for 2020, 102 for 2021,
33 for 2022, 13 for 2023, 5 for 2024, 5 for 2025, 3 for 2026 and 2 for 2027.
Fifty five members voted in the Board of Directors election and the vote for proposed
constitutional changes with almost 100% in favor of both.
I wish David and Nick great success in leading OSK.

The Treasurer’s Report: Joe.
Bank Balance 09/30/2020 10/31/2020 $6,868.10
Cleared Transactions
Deposits and Credits (3) $296.68
Less Checks and Payments (6) -$539.68
Uncleared Transactions (2) -$111.50
Bank Balance 11/30/2020 $6,513.60
In Transit
Deposits (2) $934.30
Outstanding Checks (2) -$775.00
Available Balance 12/9/2020 $6,672.90
Net loss for the month – ($195.20), net loss for 2020 – ($82.72).

The two reports were voted all Yeas.

It is unfortunate but the November Zoom meeting was not recorded so you are relying on an old man’s memory from here on.

2021 Chicago March Meet is still on. Please reserve a room as soon as possible if you plan to attend as it will help with 2022 negotiations.

The 2021 Cleveland show has been moved to April 10th and Sam Shumaker also plans to have a November 6th show.

2021 OSN Report: Bob -The Denver plans are moving along. Reservations have started and committees are hard at work. If COVID permits it looks like it will be a great convention.

Modular Report: Rich Randall – He is working with John to standardize plans.

O Scale Central Report: David and Nick. The project is rapidly gaining support with major effort being made to get O Scale Info on the web-sites. The secondary market guide is coming along well. They are planning on establishing committees for finance, recruiting, standards, elections and mainly industry involvement. O Scale Central will go live on January 1, 2021. O Scale Info will continue to be peer reviewed after launch. The O Scale Network of Websites will be cared for by Nick and Dan Dawdy into the new administration.

Bruce still needs someone to video clinics for our websites and other uses. Please send him names of anyone who can do the job. He also needs artwork for the tabletop/display. Mail or e-mail it to him. He will continue to handle “What’s on your workbench?”.

Final comments by Bruce were made thanking all who had helped him.

The next meeting will be January 18th at 8:30 pm EST. David will send out an agenda
and Nick will takeover this job.

The meeting was adjourned about 9:40 pm EST.


George Wallace
Secretary (Final Minutes)